...the homepage of Berlin based songwriter, producer and singer Christoph 'Hadl' Hassel.


Songs I wrote were released on several gold records, number #1 albums and on countless top ten releases. My tracks were publicized by sony, universal, warner, emi and more labels. I love to work with acts from various genres: dance, 80ies, alternative, electronic, pop, punk and classic. In 2018 my tracks were on albums in the german top30 for 44 weeks without a break and I had two tracks on 'club sounds 86' that reached the annual top30. From 2017 to 2019 my songs spent more than 100 weeks on albums in the official sales charts. Songs with my participation reached more than 10 Mio streams. I also write music for TV and my songs were placed from the United States to Japan.

MUSIC <<selected works>>

►track 'daylight' for FLUEX  (2018)

single / airbeat one 2018 (#14 GER) / official festival anthem 2018!

played during the closing fireworks for 50.000 people (>6 mio streams)

credits: songwriting (with Fluex)


►track 'like i do' for DJ SHOG  (2017)

single / club sounds best of 2017 / club sounds 81 (#2 GER) / dream dance 83 (#6 GER) / urban dance 21 (#9 GER)

credits: songwriting (with leo capper), lyrics


►track 'same dream (d.w.m.u.)' for SWAY GRAY  (2018)


credits: songwriting (with Kiran Hungin, Sven Greiner, Steve Brian)


►remix 'my love' for TLF, Futurecop!, Dreamers Avenue  (2022)

remix of the futurecop! track "my love", amongst contest winners of NewRetroWave records, EP release

credits: re-mixing, mastering

#synthwave #pop #edm

►track 'right on the kisser' (2010)

single / greatest hits album / apres ski hits (#1 GER) gold awards

played many times in german TV and was performed live on new year's eve on Berlin biggest celebration at the brandenburg gate

credits: songwriting (with Fred Fairbrass), guitar, co-production


►album 'electric dreams' for SIAMESE YOUTH  (2019)

singles / album (>4 mio streams, 70k playlists)

credits: songwriting, singing (Coco, Yesterday), production (/w Mark Gritsenko), mixing, mastering


►track 'the light that guides you' for SWAY GRAY  (2018)

single / club sounds 84 (#1 GER) / urban dance 23 (#9 GER) / comp annual charts #30

credits: songwriting (with Kiran Hungin; production: Sven Greiner, Steve Brian)

#future bass/pop

►track 'crazy' for CRZY  (2018)

single / urban dance 24 (#8 GER) / club sounds 85 (#4 GER)

credits: singer, songwriting (with Mark Gritsenko; production: Sven Greiner, Steve Brian)


►track 'try heart' for MARAKESH  (2017)

single (appears on Fox TV's "Shameless")

credits: production (with Mark Gritsenko)


►ep 'kissed by the light' for BERANGER  (2017)

Singles, EP (>1,5 Mio Streams)

credits: production, additional instruments, programming, mixing (excl. "live" songs)


►single 'drifting away' for Beau Chapeau with Beau Chapeau, Mark Gritsenko (2022)

>550.000 Streams

credits: songwriting, singing

#pop #deephouse #chillhouse

►single 'revolution of love' for Leo Dynamic1, Dee Freer  (2022)

single mix for Leo Dynamic1 and Dee Freer

played on BBC radio

credits: mixing, mastering


►album 'planet sadness' for TLF  (2022)

album on NewRetroWave Records

peaked #1 Bandcamp (Synthwave, Chiptunes)

credits: songwriting, production, singing, mixing


►album 'echoes of tomorrow' for SIAMESE YOUTH  (2021)


credits: singing, songwriting (with Mark Gritsenko), production, mixing

songs of siamese youth shared on >35.000 playlists


►tracks 'running out of time', 'burning sky' for FELIX RÄUBER  (2019)

ep 'me'

credits: songwriting (with Felix Räuber, platinum writer 'polarkreis 18')

#cinematic pop #pop

►track 'all about you' (2022)

single / dream dance vol. 93 (dream dance alliance remix) (3# GER, #2 CH)

credits: songwriting (with Danny Fervent), singing

#dance, pop

►track 'tom's diner' for TRUE BLUE HERO  (2018)

single (>1 mio streams)

credits: production


►track 'Hello' for MICAH (2020)


credits: production, songwriting (with Leo Capper and Micah)


►track 'wir sind die angst' for 8KIDS  (2019)

album 'blüten'

credits: songwriting, arrangement (with Hans Koch)


►track 'when we fall (we fall in love)' for AMFREE  (2019)

single / club sounds 89 (#3 GER)

credits: singing, songwriting (with Steve Brian, Sven Greiner)


►track 'all the small things' for SIAMESE YOUTH (2019)


credits: singing, production


►track 'far from fine' for VINNY LUNAR  (2019)

single / EP

credits: mixing (track by multi-platinum producer Nabeyin (worked for DRAKE, TINK,...))


►track 'just like you do' for MORRIS JONES  (2018)

single / club sounds 88 (#3 GER)

credits: songwriting, singing (with Steve Brian, Morris Jones, Sven Greiner)


►track 'ice on fire' for TOM & DEXX  (2018)

single / club sounds 87 (#8 GER)

credits: singer, songwriting (with Sven Greiner, Tom&Dexx)


►track 'we'll be ok' for DJ SHOG  (2018)

single / club sounds summer 2018 (#6 GER)/ dream dance 86 (#7 GER) / club sounds 86 (#4 GER)

credits: singer, songwriting (with Debbie Blackwell; production: Sven Greiner, Steve Brian, Remix: Chris Gold)


►track 'wishes' for SWAY GRAY  (2018)

single / urban dance 24 (#8 GER)

credits: songwriting (production: Sven Greiner, Steve Brian)


►track 'wicked game' for TRUE BLUE HERO  (2018)


credits: production


►track 'verliebt in berlin' for HERZ FREQUENZ feat. SONNENALLEE  (2017)

single / club sounds summer 2017 (#5 GER) / neue deutsche house welle 3 (#7 GER) / deutsch house vol 2

credits: songwriting, lyrics, vocals, co-production


►track 'what do you want me to say' for SWAY GRAY  (2017)

single / club sounds 83 (#4 GER)

credits: songwriting (with Felix Räuber (Polarkreis 18), MarieMarie; production Sven Greiner, Chris Gold)

#future bass/pop

►track 'happy end' for SONNENALLEE  (2017)

single / neue deutsche house welle 3 (#7 GER)

credits: songwriting, lyrics, vocals, co-production


►track 'rock'n'roll is dead' for MARAKESH  (2017)


credits: mixing, co-production


►album 'horrorshow' for BIONIC GHOST KIDS (2009)

track poison ivy

credits: production, mix, songwriting, guitar, keys, backing vocals