►2017! 2 weeks 2 cuts

The beginning of the new year is a blast and the cold january has been very good to me so far!

After just 2 weeks there are 2 cuts being confirmed, which is amazing. the first track is a ballad for a german singer and she already recorded the vocals. the song is a co-write with steve van velvet (writer for falco, die prinzen,...)

the second cut is a dance pop track, which is being produced in the next weeks. i'm so looking forward to hear the result. it's a co-write with my man leo capper from ireland again.


on the mixing side I did my first russian song ever - at least the mix. :) it's for my band marakesh, where i play bass and do the co-production with mark gritz - amazing singer, producer and arranger.


...so please 2017: don't fuck it up like your predecessor. no one needs any more war, terror, hate, people urged to flee from their homes. i really hope this year will be more peaceful - I will try to give my little contribution to that. 

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