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Some nice live-show for Marakesh are confirmed - I play bass in the band, I mix the tracks and I do the production together with Mark Gritz. Check out our latest single and video "COLD CALL" and catch us live here:


- 13.02. Berlin (GER), Berlinale - Academie Lounge

- 11.05. Kiew (UKR) - Sentrum


One of my latest tracks - "Like I Do" - has been cut and DJ Shog will take it as his new single. We already worked together on the song "Sing Forever" which was on 5 major compilations incl 2 number#2s in germany. I wrote it again with my friend Leo Capper from Ireland. Last week it has been produced anew and it sounds amazing! I'm very excited about that one and I can't wait til it's released.


Last week I was mixing a track by the very talented singer and songwriter Béranger - amazing performance, great singer, great piano player and a fun guy to hang out with. I loved working on the track. You better check him out now - he will be big soon, I'm sure. :)

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