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What an awesome week!


I finished the work on "Kissed By The Light" by Béranger and I hope all of you can listen to it soon - very nice song and two supertalented musicians.


On monday we played Berlinale with Marakesh - thanks for the invitation and the great night we had there. So much fun :)


On wednesday we started recording with a secret feature singer :). This guy is so supertalented, amazing singer and a humble, nice guy (and had a massive platin hit single!). This will all take a while, cause we need to get the arrangements done, some more recordings, mixing and so on but I can't wait to finish the track!


On friday then the acoustic release-show of the Marakesh EP "199x". Thanks everyone for coming! Packed bar, a crowd which was really into listening and a perfect atmosphere for the show! Thanks a lot.

The EP is out on wednesday on iTunes and co*


►SONGWRITING: Two more placements for German House Music confirmed! Working on the mixes for these two major releases, including the funding of a new project!


Photo by Santiago Perez

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