►May Releases | Rock'n'Roll Is Dead

New tracks are on the way...


►On the 1st of may 2017 my production for Beranger will be online. I produced 4 tracks for the EP "Kissed By The Light".


►With Leo Capper I wrote the EDM track "Like I Do" - it will appear on "Club Sounds 81" (SONY/ProSieben) and will be released as a DJ Shog Single (05.05.2017)


►I wrote and sang 3 german Dance/Deep House tracks. They will be released as singles with different projects and will be a part of the compilation "Neue Deutsche House Welle Vol. 3" (Starwatch/SONY, 19.05.2017)


A new track that I produced is online and I'm very proud of this one. "Rock'n'Roll is dead" by Marakesh - check it out and get it on iTunes!


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